Frequently asked Questions:

1.  How does Help-U-Sell Real Estate work?
Help-U-Sell Brokers and agents are fully licensed professionals, members of their local Board of Realtors and of the National Association of Realtors®, work with both Buyers and Sellers, and provide a full range of real estate services.  Help-U-Sell® Real Estate differs from traditional brokers, not in the scope of services provided, but in the dollar amount that you pay for those services.  Our brokers charge a set fee for their services, as opposed to the traditional 6 percent commission, which, in turn, helps you to retain a greater amount of equity while still receiving all the real estate services you expect. Streamlined business practices and a focus on marketing properties rather than marketing themselves allows our brokers to spend their time working with buyers and sellers, as opposed to traditional real estate brokers who spend a majority of their time managing offices and recruiting new agents.
2.  How does fee for service work?
We believe that the traditional 6 percent commission is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of performing a real estate transaction.  Our goal is to provide a fair price for the cost of services rendered, much like any other professional service that consumers would pay for.  Since the cost of doing business varies throughout the country, the set-fee offered for our services also varies, depending on the market.  What doesn't change is the scope of services we provide.  We perform all the same services as traditional real estate companies, and, often times, more.  Please contact Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty at 925-425-9491 to find out more about the set fee in your market.
3.  Do you also represent buyers?
Yes. Help-U-Sell Real Estate is a full-service real estate organization representing both buyers and sellers.  We can help a buyer purchase any home for sale in the market, not just Help-U-Sell® Real Estate listings.  We take the time to learn what our buyers are looking for and represent their best interests throughout the home purchase process.  Search thousands of listings nationwide.
4.  Why does Help-U-Sell Real  Estate work?
It's simple.  We are consumer-centric.  Sellers appreciate the fact that our Brokers spend their time marketing properties instead of marketing themselves and recruiting agents.  Our Buyers appreciate the fact that we are experts in their neighborhood and that our website contains all of the local MLS listings, and, in many cases, more. Our unique marketing strategies drive an unprecedented amount of traffic to our website and offices, which results in many buyers for our listings and many new listings.  Additionally, our streamlined operations and cost efficiencies translate into low overhead and savings that we pass along to consumers with our low set fee.
5.  Are Help-U-Sell Agents licensed?
Yes. All Help-U-Sell Brokers and Agents are licensed, members of their local MLS boards and members of the National Association of Realtors®.


6.  What advantages does Help-U-Sell® Real Estate offer as compared to a traditional Realtor®?
Help-U-Sell Real Estate offers several advantages over traditional real estate companies:

1.  Set-Fee.  You know upfront exactly how much it is going to cost to sell your home and how much equity you will retain.

2.  More Equity.  In most cases, our set fee is significantly lower than any other traditional real estate company would charge in their commission.  This means that you retain more of your equity.

3.  More Technology.  Help-U-Sell's proprietary technology allows you to obtain up-to-date information about your home sale quicker and more efficiently than a traditional listing agent. In fact, with our technology, you can be anywhere in the world and learn about the latest activity on your home.

4.  More Experience.  The average agent typically handles less than 10 transactions a year, while our agents and brokers handle dozens, which means more in-depth market knowledge, more experience solving problems and more value for our buyers and sellers.

7.  I've heard that Help-U-Sell® Real Estate offers choices.  What does this mean?
Since all Help-U-Sell® Offices are independently owned and operated, and all have vastly different market conditions, the choices available to our clients may differ. You also have the option of placing your home on the MLS.
8.  How can Help-U-Sell Real Estate charge such low fees for its services?
Years of experience have allowed us to refine the home selling and home buying process. Rather than mega offices, our franchises are streamlined operations with low overhead and a small team of specialized experts. Instead of recruiting and managing agents, we focus on promoting our clients' listings and Help-U-Sell's unique business model. We pride ourselves on being extremely consumer-centric and believe that the traditional real estate commission model, with no correlation between the services rendered and the cost of those services, is outdated and unnecessary.
9.  Since your fees are lower, does that mean you hire inexperienced agents and pay them less?
Actually, almost all of our brokers are seasoned agents, and many are also top producers in their local area. Statistics show that our listings consistently beat the national average in terms of number of days on market and list to sales price.  In addition, our brokers and agents consistently conduct more transactions per year than the average real estate agent.
10.  If your business model is so beneficial to clients and you alike, why aren't other brokers doing it?
Help-U-Sell Real Estate, with its innovative business model has been at the forefront of the revolution in real estate. But as in any industry, and particularly one as entrenched in one way of doing business as real estate, change is slow. Although a number of Internet real estate companies and commission discounters make promises about changing the way real estate is practiced, only Help-U-Sell offers a management team comprised of some of the top names in real estate, experienced brokers and agents licensed by the National Association of Realtors®, full service, a fee that correlates to service, and a proven track record.
11.  Are there any hidden fees that I don't know about?
No. Help-U-Sell Real Estate identifies all fees up front.  The price you pay is based on a fee for professional services rendered - not on a percentage of the sales price of your home.
12.  What is the MLS?
Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) is the most comprehensive computerized database of homes for sale with over millions of listings nationwide. This database is used by Realtors® to market and promote their own listings and to cooperate with other Realtors®. Realtors®, in turn, are compensated with part of the commission. A large portion of real estate transactions are a result of direct MLS exposure. By having your home in MLS, it will be exposed to thousands of local real estate agents who otherwise would not have known that your property was for sale and would not have shown it. This is the same MLS used by traditional brokers who charge a 6 percent commission.
13.  Won't buyer's agents boycott my listing?
No. Buyer brokers search many sources for their clients, and they understand the advantages of Help-U-Sell Real Estate. Our listings have been sold by every major real estate company and we have a long history of excellent relationships with our colleagues in the industry.
14.  How do I list my Home with Help-U-Sell Real Estate?
Just call 925-425-9491 if your home is located in Alameda, Santa Clara, Contra Costa or San Mateo County

Call Meena Gujral at 510-427-7992 to see how you can save thousands when selling your home through Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty