Fremont, California is a city that has achieved nationwide recognition for a quality of life that business, industry and families all seek. It is a community that is rich in its culture and history, and manages to maintain a delicate balance of small-town charm even while experiencing amazing growth as a major high-tech center.
           In 1999, the National Public Health and Hospital Institute ranked Fremont #1 among the nation’s largest cities for its healthy environment in which to raise children.
          Fremont is known as “The Most Kid-Friendly City in the Bay Area,” Fremont—the 98th largest city in the U.S.–was recently named the best city in America to raise children after a two-year research project ranked the 100 largest cities nationwide on several key factors that create a healthy environment for children.
All the Mission San Jose schools – Gomes, Chadbourne, Mission Valley Elementary, Hopkins Junior and Mission High School are amongst the best public schools in Fremont. Ardenwood, Forest Park, Parkmont, Weibel, James Leitch, Warm Springs  are also excellent Fremont Schools with over 900 API scores. 

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